It’s not easy to shop for cute and sexy clothing above a size 14. If you are looking for plus-size formal dress, it is very difficult to find.
Not anymore.
Introducing PSFL, a special line of products which are specially made for big beautiful women.

Lalagen Evening Dress $34.99

The company has brought a lot of fun into this industry and the creator of In Vein and Fifth Degree Brian Ka is the man behind this awesome new way to shop for big beautiful women.
Getting plus size clothes that are cute and sexy are almost impossible to find. There are many brands but none of them have a special flare or touch that plus size women actually need. Alvarado who is an avid plus size enthusiast told us that “Many brands exist out there but they don’t pay attention to details and the ones that are available are way different than regular sizes. It’s always an uphill battle to try to find the perfect fit and size.”

Lalagen Formal Gown $30.99

This inconvenience has led Alvarado to avoid shopping altogether and thus led to her being depressed and staying home most of the time.
In this regard, Alvarado has expressed a lot of interest in PSFL for bringing a new way to shop for big beautiful women.

Lalagen Party Evening Gown $39.99

“I love that fact that PSFL is mindful of plus size women and try their best to make us feel and look beautiful. I really apreciate that.” Alvarado added later on.
She told us in our interview that all the dresses that are chosen by PSFL are “made with quality and perfect fit.”
Make sure to come visit the site before it’s too late. Head to PSFL to shop now.

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