About Us

CEO/Designer Brianna Kalumina

“Plus size women have hard time finding clothes that are sexy and cute. Industry assumes that we are different than normal so plus size clothing is designed differently and not cute. But we are here to change that. We realize that not all perfect women come in a size 0. We are going to change the perception of beauty. Curves are much better than skinny so let’s appreciate it.”

Not all perfect women comes in a size 0. After creating brands like In Vein, Fifth Degree, and Brickhauscity, CEO and founder Brianna Kalumina realized that there is a huge population of women who were often neglected in fashion industry due to their weight or waist size. Brianna had only one goal in mind when creating this brand and that was to make plus size women feel more beautiful and sexy by giving them more options to choose from.

She wanted to change the way fashion industry looked at women and make more plus size women realize that they don’t have to listen to mainstream media to actually feel sexy or beautiful. Realizing that curvy women are most beautiful women out there only to be avoided by mainstream media, CEO Brianna decided to uplift curvy women by creating a community which dedicated itself to making curvy women feel beautiful than ever.

Curvy women should feel confident and empowered because our community is growing really fast and more men are appreciating the real beauty of women’s curves. So don’t be afraid to show your beautiful curves and show the world truly how beautiful you really are inside and out. Thank you for checking us out.



CEO Brianna Kalumina