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Best Sex Toys and Lubes

Best Sex Toys and Lubes

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Plus Size Toy Recommendations

If you are plus size or know anybody who is plus size, you may find some positions more uncomfortable than other. Because sex requires lots of movement sometimes sex toys can be beneficial to plus size women because it lets them stay in comfortable positions while enjoying themselves. Some women or their partners may find finding clitoris especially hard or for some plus size men, it may be hard to masturbate.

You may find it most challenging to find the right fit and size for your pleasure and to really get you and your partner to be excited.

Sex is beautiful thing and we do not believe plus size women or men should let their weight get in the way of enjoyment. If anything, plus size women should be more vocal in their sexuality and be proud of their curves. So we picked out some of the best sex toys available in the market right now for your enjoyment.

Best Sex Toys for Plus Size Women


Key Features:

● Water-based lubricant for extra glide during intimate play
● Compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms
● Suitable for use with all sex toy materials
● Long-lasting formula
● Easy-squeeze bottle.

Versatile and silky smooth, Enjoy is the perfect water-based lubricant for enhanced glide during intimate play. A little squeeze is all you need for extra slippery and long-lasting pleasure to solo or intimate play with a sex toy or with a partner.


About the Product
  • PREMIUM LUBE – Water based lubricant enhances the comfort and ease of intimate activity and allows for easy clean up.
  • GREASE-FREE LUBE – This Long lasting lube is extra slick and petroleum free.
  • BEST PERSONAL LUBRICANT FOR COUPLES & SOLO – Designed to mimic natural body fluids; moisture helps to temporarily relieve vaginal dryness.
  • CONDOM COMPATIBLE – Safe to use with natural rubber latex condoms.

Let things glide with our unique, top-selling formula that provides silky smooth lubrication for sheer sensation and satisfaction. Relish in the pure bliss of exhilarating sex with long-lasting, condom-compatible lube that washes off clean with water. Astroglide Liquid not only lubricates to keep things going, but also moisturizes to keep things flowing.

8 inch Realistic

This toy has strong suction cup base:Suction cup base for hands which is free play to wherever you want. Use it in bathroom,kitchen,bedroom,timber door,floor and so on. Super Size Vaginal Toy-8 inch from tip to toe,1.8 inch wide,long enough to reach your G spot,give you earth shaking orgasm experience

Finger Condom

This 1 pc finger condom gives you much more wider control with your body and gets into places that you have never imagined before. Designed to hit G-spot and stimulate wide area including clitoris.

Three Head Clamp

Let your fantasies run wild with this adjustable three head clamp designed for bondage bdsm sex. Surprisingly comfortable and safe, this clamp is made of safe material and extra high quality steel.

Strawberry Lubricant

Not all lubricants are water based but this particular lubricant is water based soluble. This can be your personal lubricant because it is small and fits into your pocket or bag. Strawberry taste makes this one of the best lubricants in the markets

Rabbit Vibrator

This has special ergonomic design with special finger design which is made to hold this device very easily. This item is 100% waterproof and made of silicone. You can also use this for massage device to relax your muscles. It has 40 frequency vibrations so you can experience difference frequencies at your own choosing.

Box Vibrator

These special vibrators are fit for mobile phones. It supports Android Bluetooth and IOS. You can upload the APP by two dimensional coding available in boxing. Made of safe silicone material and easy to carry everywhere. Made of hot pink material.

  Bullet Dildo

Bullet shaped dildo has 10 different frequency vibrations. Made from high quality ABS material. Noise damping technology so it vibrates quietly. Efficient mute motors and charges by AAA batteries. Noise is less than 50 db making this device perfect for private discreet use.

Adjustable Handcuffs

This spreader with bars can give you different positions. It is made of super diving material with soft plush lining and comfortable. Super easy to clean. Easy to put on and adjust right away. Wrist and ankle cuffs are also adjustable. Swivel mount allows you some movement.

Erocome Double Egg

12 frequency vibrator with different stimulation modes. Explore Erocome’s boost vibe mode which is a special boost vibe designed for full body rush. Made of body safe silicone safe material. ABS material. Double love egg will provide extra sensation in places that was thought to be untouchable before. Use both eggs in all different places and discreet. This egg will definitely meet anyone’s fantasy.


Ultra sexy cortical whip made of light feathery material. This is a very full of life interesting product, can increase the romantic atmosphere between lovers, make your life better, and wish you happiness every day.

Edible Panties

Edible panties. Sound interesting? These are edible panties that are crotchless. It tastes like your favorite gummy bears. This special crotchless panties is watermelon flavor.

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