Best Sex Positions To Please Plus Size Women in Bed

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We can always ask for new things in our sex lives correct? I mean any attempt to get better in bed will be rewarded by your partner handsomely and there is always room for more improvement. I mean can you really say that your women is satisfied 100% of the times especially if you have been with her for so many years? It is very good that we are going over this so that your sex life can be sparked by fire again.

So Let’s Talk About Some Positions

So we want to talk to you about several positions that may really satisfy your partner. This will fill her with so much joy and orgasm that she will have no choice but to be nice to you all the time ^^

Word of Caution

So the first word of caution is don’t turn your woman around like a pillow.

Try to really get to know your woman and find out where her sensitive spots are. Most importantly, sex should be a mutual thing where you shouldn’t be the only person enjoying it. Make sure your partner is also enjoying it too. So let us get deeper into what will drive your woman crazy and wild. Let’s discover what what cause that electrifying orgasm that she will never forget ever.

Best sex position # 1: Enhanced missionary

So we all know what missionary style is so we want to spice it up a little bit. Missionary style but try to open her legs as wide as your can and try to thrust as hard as you can. There is no need to hold her legs here. The more you spread her legs wide open, the more your penetration will go deep inside causing her that uncontrollable orgasm. This position goes deeper than any other positions out there. This will really please your woman.

Best sex positions number 2: Doggy-style

Doggy style has many benefits for men. First, this position is used by many creatures to procreate. This position stimulates men less so it also enables him to last longer. So try to control your speed and go for the deep penetration. Later when you really get into it with your partner, you can give her that extra thrust to make her orgasm even harder.

Best sex positions number 3: Lying face down

Lying face down is a wonderful sex position to have a remarkable climax for the two accomplices. In this position, the man is to finish everything and he enters from the back. The lady lays-on bed with her face descending way. She lifts her butts upward before man and as a rule she doesn’t open her legs. This position is beneficial for you to satisfy your lady in bed as the legs of your lady stay shut and you can appreciate more incitement on the grounds that there is more grinding with lady’s legs shut.

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