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Ashleigh Dunn loves to sunbathe and show off her beautiful body during vacation. She sometimes wonders why her booty is not smaller and her thighs were not smoother not knowing that she probably has the best booty and skin out of all women in the world. It seems like she now realizes that she is perfect after all. She is starting to see the advantages of having beautiful figure. Strong and beautiful is what she is. Totally worth seeing.

2019 Plus Size Models for June

Ashleigh Dunn has a unique ability to make normal clothes look sexy and exotic. What she calls comfy wear will look like million dollars on her. This is what sets her apart from the rest of the models out there. She teaches other women that self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you which is really deep and intrinsic.

Her self worth and self confidence protrudes throughout her pictures and because of this, she is able to make her self look stunning and sexy. No matter what she is given even in situations that are awkward, she is sure to make everyone including herself look happy and confident. This is her key to having such remarkable aura around her.

Is is very interesting to see how she turned her imperfection into beauty, madness as genius. She knows that it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring and perhaps this is the reason why she has so many fans around the globe. We can’t wait to see what she will bring next to the table because of this attitude of hers. We cannot predict what will come ahead and this is what makes her so interesting and hot.

Ashleigh Dunn is probably the best swimsuit model all over the world. She loves to be in bikinis and show off her beautiful skin and curves. Make sure to check her out by clicking any of the photos here.

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