Why Should Men Date Fat Women Instead Of Skinny Women?

A lot of men and women are most times on the lookout for the comfort and love of a correctly looking opposite sex, for instance, one with a curvy and sexy body and figure, some men will love to see a lady wear a short and skinny tank tops. However, some guys are more attracted to bigger, thicker and more substantial bodies. The beautiful and really attractive thing they love in the opposite sex is the fact you are thick and really grabby. So on here, I’m going to be telling you Why Men Should Date Big And Sexy Bodies.

  • They are a lot more charming.

Big girls know very well that their looks will probably not arrest your attention like that of the skinny and curvy girls or women. To solve this, they will always be sociable and charming when around their mind.

Attitude is an eight letter word that will leave you to describe the other ladies with smaller physiques.

  • Easy to talk to.

One of the things that makes a fat girl exciting to date is their ability to speak about anything. Since they have made it a point of focus more on their brains and their personality instead of only their looks, they could engage you in a variety of topics that will keep you from the state of boredom.  

  • Very pleasing personality.

Admit it, the beautiful women you have dated do not always have an endearing personality. Since they feel the world does not expect them to be all that nice towards you. That’s a thing you will not have to deal with when you date a fat girl. Fat girls have a bubbly and fun personality, and they do not feel that the world revolves around them, thus makes it a lot easier to deal and hang out with them.  

  • Willingness to try any food.

Not every girl is open to trying out various kinds of dishes. So in case, you happen to enjoy trying out new recipes, going out with the fat lady is a must.  

As long as they enjoy to have a great meal, expect them to be a lot more than willing to be very adventurous in trying out various cuisines and restaurants with you.  

  • Fat chicks are warm.

Whatever way you understand by ‘warm,’ that is precisely what I mean. The fat girls are warm both emotionally and physically. A plump girl is welcoming and when cuddling one feels at home. Their friendly and warm nature can and will always turn you on at all times like a bulb.  

Big and chubby girls love to cuddle and hug so if you are the kind who enjoys getting some affection from a lady, you cannot go wrong with dating a fat girl provided that you give them the same amount of affection. Plus, they have got a much more softer skin to be compared to skinny girls which let’s cuddling and hugging them all the more fun.  

  • The big body of the plumpy lady is adventurous.

The massive physique gives you an exciting job; that of exploring her big body that is full of surprises every single day. You are very likely to discover new beauty spots even under her big and juicy boobs. You will also find that they are great comforters because when you lie on them their bosom, your issues tend to billow away like gentle smoke.

  • Fat females love to laugh.

Most fat ladies enjoy laughing when made happy and every man loves to see their lover smile at their jokes even if they do not appear all that funny or hilarious.

Just to make you feel pleased.

  • She is never afraid to go outdoors.

Girls who are skinny most times worry about their image from their skin all the way to their fingernails, which makes the chances of them going with outdoors with you. Fat ladies, however, are more than willing to get dirty and go outdoor with you at all times. It matters little if you want to go biking or hiking on a dirt trail, chubby girls are not too bothered about having a nail broken just for you.

  • Open to engage in any of your favorite pastimes.

Fat girls are seldom shy of participating in your favorite pastime provided it will not be required or for them to exert any effort. Whether it is watching your favorite TV show or playing your best video game, they will be much more open and entirely willing to bond with you and learn more about your best or favorite activities.

  • You are always free to take her anywhere.

Chubby girls aren’t only willing to go anywhere with you, but they also are eager to go somewhere with you. They have no problems with driving long hours just to obey their partner’s wish and demands of her partner.

  • She is all yours.

Men who date slim ladies often have to be ready to chase guys away that are usually trying to steal them from their grasp. This is a thing you will very rarely experience when you date a chubby girl since most people prefer hitting on women who have similar bodies with models. So when you date the fat lady, you have nothing to fear when it comes to keeping your girl.

  • Fleshy and wet sex.

Sex with the fat girl or lumpy girl is fantastic because they are very gabby due to their fleshy and soft body. Their sex organ rarely goes dry and when they are turned on and aroused they become juicy and jelly. Despite the fact that they get exhausted faster than smaller ladies, they are always willing to try out new and fresh stuff. As if that isn’t enough, her large thighs make for a nice cushion for her man after sex.

If you enjoy having a great conversation, you won’t get bored with going out with the fat girl. Since they are often opinionated, they won’t get shy about expressing their thoughts on a specific subject making your conversation unpredictable and exciting.


So there you have it, some excellent reasons to date a Fat or Chubby Lady, so dating a plus-sized lady is not a bad idea, and comes with several benefits.. So what are you waiting for go ahead and get you a fat lady.