Editor’s Note: While there are lots of plus size jegging tights pants to choose from, our research shows that most buyers will be most happy with one of these 1826, Yelete or NYDJ jeans. Some MBJ label plus size jegging tights pants are worth considering too, and Papaya makes a decent budget choice.

Best Plus Size Jegging Tights Pants

I previously ordered the same type of pants, minus the pleather at the front in an 18, and they were comfy, but way too stretchy. But not in a falling off kinda way. They hold their shape quite well, but I can pull at the waist and get an extra 3, 4 inches. So, with that in mind, I ordered these in a 16. I should’ve taken the pleather into account because it isn’t stretchy. I can get them on, and button them, but let’s just say it’s not a flattering look. So, instead of 2 sizes down, it should only be one size down. But in not upset, just motivated to make them fit better. 🙂 So, 4 stars for the pants, but 6 stars for the shipping! Whoo! I ordered these on 12.11, the estimated arrival was 12.17 – 12.22, so imagine my surprise when they came today, 12.13! Kudos for that!

The item came faster than i expected and i was very excited to try them on, I wear a 14/16 but this 16 was described as stretchable and it wasn’t . I love the look of the pant they are stylish and look expensive …But if you buy these jeans make sure you go a size up S

Sizes Available: 14 16 22 Price: $19.99

Best Plus Size Jegging Tights Pants

So let me start by saying the persons who have been having problems with the sizes being different when it comes to different colors I’m not sure if you’re buying the same brand because all four of the 3x that I bought are the same size I usually buy leggings a size bigger because they always fit smaller than expected these are true to size as a matter of fact they may even be slightly bigger for some depending on your body shape. ( I bought the black, burgundy, brown and beige).

As seen in the picture I posted I have wide hips about 53 inches and I have huge thighs these fits snug at the ankle up to the thighs and butt but do not fit snug enough to display much of my cellulite despite the material being on the thin side. Well for me I find it that they are best worn in warm weather as they do not provide much insulation I do not mind it because Jamaica is always hot.

I’m 5 feet 5 inches tall so the inseam is a little bit on the long side because of I have to pull them up almost to my breast and fold the waist over. I’ll be buying a size or two down to get a really snug fit next time.These jeans are great because they have enough stretch to be comfortable but are not skin tight. They don’t look like mom jeans despite the comfort. They look more like trousers. Perfect to wear to work with heels and a nice top. I never had a gap problem in the back of my jeans, but if you do these should help. The waist band is amazing with an extra wide elastic on the inside that does squeeze, but prevents the need for a belt. If you have wide calves though you may not like these jeans since it is snug to bottom of calf. Usually boot cut are loose from the knee down. I especially like the lighter weight of this material since I am always too warm even in the winter.

By Courtney Smith I bought these jeggings with the intention of wearing them to work as “fat” pants. I used to have a pair of jeggings that were so soft and so comfortable but still could be worn like pants. I was hoping to find something similar with these, but sadly I did not. They are too thin and they feel very cheaply made. Also the pockets are spaced too far apart and make your butt look really wide. If you really want to purchase these pants, I would definitely suggest you wear them under a longer tunic or dress. And one good thing is that the waistband is well constructed and do feel like a the waistband of a real pair of stretchy jeans. They were comfortable too. Ultimately, I feel like the picture implies they can be worn like real jeans, but based on what I received they definitely could not.These jeans are available in sizes XL XXL XXXL. Eligible for FREE returns on SOME SIZES. Price: $23.54

Best Plus Size Jeans

Beautiful plus size ladies will love the NYDJ Isabella Trouser Jeans. NYDJ jeans rule the plus size category in general,thanks to their future fit, compatible denim look with style that provides uniform compression to calmly hug and contour each and every curve for a wonderfully, faultless, fitting. A beautiful yet intricate small coin wallet within the entrance, a patch wallet, zip fly, and button closure makes this plus size jeans a must have item for this season. NYDJ unique carry tuck era slims from inside of to make you feel and look superb. These jeans are available in sizes 14 16 18 20 22. Eligible for FREE returns. Price: $144.00


In order to find the perfect fit jeans for your body type, it is vital that we take a closer look into anatomy of the jeans.

  1. INSEAM – This is the distance from the crotch to the bottom of the leg at the inside.
  2. OUTSEAM – This measurement is the measurement from the bottom of the legs to the waistband.
  3. LEG OPENING – This is the base measurement from one side of the leg to the other.  This measurement can give an idea of tapering, the literal opening, or the style differentiator of style.
  4. FRONT RISE – How low do you want your jeans to sit? This is a measurement from the top of the waistband, to the crossing seams at the crotch.
  5. BACK RISE – Want to know how covered your bum will be? This is the measurement from the top of the waistband at the back, straight down to the crossing seams at the crotch