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Plus Size Lingerie Buying Tips For Men

Plus Size Lingerie Buying Tips For Men

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There is nothing sweeter than when a man wants to buy his wife or special girl a piece of plus size lingerie. It’s such a wonderful thought. Don’t let the task of picking out that perfect piece of plus size lingerie scare you away from making that purchase.

There are a few factors to consider before jumping in and making that purchase. You don’t want to start shopping until you’ve collected a few key pieces of information about your significant other.

The most important piece of information you will need, is knowing what size to buy. Don’t worry if you have no idea what size your special girl wears. Most men have no clue about women’s clothing sizes or what size their wife or girlfriend wears or buys.

The best way to find out what size of plus size lingerie to buy your girl is to just simply ask her what size she wears. If this seems out of the question, or you want to make the gift as much of a surprise as possible, there is a trick to finding out what size to buy.

Take a peek inside her lingerie drawer. Look at the size tags in her panties, bras, and nighties and makes notes of these sizes. Also, check out the size tags in her tops, pants, and dresses. Now that you have an idea of size you need to get, the next step is finding that perfect piece of plus size lingerie that you and her will both enjoy.

Sometimes men are uncomfortable when going into a store and buying women’s lingerie. That’s why buying online is the perfect choice for you. There are many reputable plus size lingerie stores online that will offer a wide variety of plus size lingerie choices for you to choose from. When deciding what type of lingerie to buy your favorite girl, you must think about what styles you like as well as what styles your girl will like. If you buy your girl an outfit she is not comfortable wearing, she will not have as much confidence when wearing the outfit. You don’t want your special gift to be tucked away in the back of her lingerie drawer never to see the light of day.

There are many different types of lingerie to choose from.

Babydolls- A short, flowing empire nightie, usually with a matching panty bottom.

Chemise- A slip or slip type gown that hangs straight. Usually does not have a matching panty.

Teddies- Combining a tap pant and cami to get a one piece outfit. Teddies can be flowing or fitted, stretchy or slinky, with or without underwires, full coverage or thong-back.

Gowns- A long nightgown is a bias-cut gown that is slip-like but intended for sleeping and lounging.

Pegnoirs- A long nightgown with a matching coat or robe.

Bustier/Corsets- An often strapless, fitted one-piece bodice that extends from bust to waist or hip, worn to support and sustain a given shape. Usually stiffened with flexible metal or plastic boning and closed in the front or back with hook-and-eyes or lacing.

Lingerie can be made from a variety of different fabrics as well. Some stretch and some do not. Stretch satin, lace, mesh, nylon, knit, and velvets usually have stretch to them and can be more forgiving when it comes to fit. They will stretch when worn so you could be a little less accurate on the size if you choose a piece of plus size lingerie that is made from a stretchy fabric. Satin charmeause, silks, chiffons, georgettes, clipped chiffons, and satin jacquard fabrics usually do not have much if any stretch to them. If purchasing a piece of plus size lingerie in one of these fabrics you’ll want to make sure you are more accurate on the sizing.

Take your clues from your special girl. Pay attention to her current collection of lingerie and try not to stray too far from what she’s used to wearing. If your girl wears a lot of long night gowns, try buying a special long gown in a soft satiny fabric. This will let her have an extra special gift from you, while still giving her something within her comfort zone.

Once you break the ice with your first special gift of plus size lingerie, you can both discuss what piece of plus size lingerie you might like to try next. When you get an idea of some of the styles she would be willing to try, you can use that as a guide when purchasing your next piece.

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