Plus Size Pants

Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?

This is likely the most well-known inquiry that larger size women pose to themselves when purchasing pants. Notwithstanding, there is no correct method to respond to this inquiry. The certainty is, it doesn’t make a difference in the event that you fall under the larger size classification.

The greatest slip-up most ladies make is to visit a retail location that does not have some expertise in their size. They end up getting something that is a trade off for them and henceforth it clearly does not fit them just as they might want. Being a plus size lady, you should solely shop at retail locations or online stores implied just for you.

Plus Size Pants and Jeggings that will Make You Look Slim

Top Seller Plus Size Jeggings that Will Make You Look Skinny

Why We Chose This Product Over Others

The first time I purchased these I got the Yelete brand jeggings and they are great, those were a 2X. I normally wear a 16/18 or 18 or a 2X in pants. These did fit well, but I wanted to try a bigger size (3x) to see if the waist would come up higher. I like a medium/high rise waist. These came right below my belly button. The second set I purchased, (the 3x) were NOT the Yelete brand. They were a crappy see through material and did not fit well at all. I think it’s a crap shoot with this seller if you get the actual Yelete product or not. So for this I’m only giving it 3 stars. If you get the Yelete brand of the leggings those are 5 star worthy! They fit true to size. If you get the ones with out the Yelete tag in them, those are crap and not worth 1 star.

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