Top 2019 Plus Size Models – Chubby_Honeyy

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She has the best booty on Instagram. Chubby Honeyy is super playful and loves to entertain. We have featured her many times as our Plusmate of the month and here we are featuring her again for the month of June. She truly deserves to be top 2019 plus size models because she exudes so much confidence and makes everything look artsy.

2019 Plus Size Models for June

If you ever feel ashamed of your body, all you have to do is take a look at her and the moment you look at her, you will feel instantly at ease. Her confidence shines throughout and this will influence you to feel great about yourself also. She is simply too irresistible to bypass and her fashion and looks will catch anyone who is off guard.

She seems to know exactly what men like and she will hit that sweet spot every time she strikes for a pose. Every Wednesday, she posts hump day pictures and we wait for that moment every week so we can see more of what she will reveal this week. We are truly blessed to be able to check her out on Instagram.

So let your fantasies run wild with her. She exudes everything that you can think of. You may find her in the nature with trees or you may catch her chilling with her friends at parties. Either way, you will not be able to miss her because she has so much energy.

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