Top Plus Size Model – Mistress Asana BBW

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Have you ever come across a free wandering spirit that has endless bounds? How about a Goddess that is loving life and experiencing everything it has to offer? If this is what you have been looking for we have the answer. And the answer comes in the form of a name called Mistress Asana.

It is rare to find a girl who really knows herself well these days. Not to mention someone who even knows how to flaunt such beautiful features. Here we have Mistress Asana who knows what she has to offer and is not afraid to show it.

We always remind our plusmates and women around the world that your curves are actually something that lost of men want. Because of television and media portraying women as stick figures, we grow up thinking that all men are into women who are skinny. But many of you already know that this is totally false. Men actually love curves and will do a lot to conquer it.

She can be sexy at times and look totally innocent. She is a werewolf that is not afraid to change her true colors and camouflage. Her smiles make everyone around her feel wonderful. Her love protrudes throughout her area and people are attracted to her sense of well being and beauty. She is truly thoughtful and caring.

Enticing is not the word to describe her. It is not enough. She is totally attractive and makes every set of eyes want to fix their gaze on her. Her positive vibe instantly becomes a sensation and the way she is seen by others makes them bewildered and lost. We want to share good things and this is exactly what we mean. This is good and we want to share it with you.

A plus size model is a person who models larger estimated attire and different embellishments. They are otherwise called full-figured models, expanded measured models, and outsizes.

They principally model for larger size attire organizations however may likewise participate in photograph goes for stock photography, beautifiers, family unit items, footwear, and watches. These models are held to indistinguishable desires from ordinary models.

We don’t want to call Mistress Asana a plus size model because she is more than that. She is an icon and cult that will have many people dreaming of her for years to come. Perhaps like a Marilyn Monroe in the plus size fashion world. We want to welcome her with open arms and hope she will remain as such wondrous figure in this industry.

To see more of her visit her Instagram page by clicking here. (Picture Credits: Mistress Asana Instagram)

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